Policy for Borrowers

Key Codes:

A – Autism                                                                         G – Games

B – Bullying                                                                      JT – Job Training

BEM – Behavioral Emotional                                    LS – Life Skills

C – Curriculum                                                                SS – Social Skills

CA –  Career Awareness                                              MM – Money/Math

D/S – Driving/Safety

E – Elementary                                                               T/A – Teacher/Administrator

Library materials were purchased with federal funds to support Nebraska educators and parents working with students with disabilities.
Eligible Borrowers include the following:

  • Certified teachers of students with disabilities
  • Parents of students with disabilities
  • Non-profit organizations working with students with disabilities

Check-Out Guidelines:

  • Maximum of four items may be checked out at one time
  • Check out period is one month
  • Items must be returned before more materials may be ordered
  • Renewal depends upon demand for the item